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Pumps and Irrigation Western Sydney


When you need expert advice about pumps and irrigation in Western Sydney, Ty's Plumbing is the one to turn to.


Ty and his team have been installing pumps and irrigation systems around Western Sydney for a quarter of a century so they really understand what you need and what will work in your situation.
And because Ty knows the area well he knows all the local council requirements and keeps up with any changes in legislation.

When installing pipes, pumps and and tanks it's vital you get the latest information so that the end result services all of your household or commercial needs.


We will ensure you get the most from every drop of rain that falls on your property as we only use the best quality pumps and irrigation systems when quoting for your Western Sydney property. That's because we know you can't afford for the system to fail. It has to be of the highest quality and the workmanship has to be second to none so that you won't have problems down the track. Problems that can bring the home or workplace to a complete standstill - nobody has time for that.


Whether you want new pumps and irrigation systems in Western Sydney or want us to go over your property and come up with a more workable solution, we can help out. From general use water tanks to pool pumps and garden watering systems, we do the lot. And we can arrange for a maintenance plan to ensure everything runs as it should. This ultimately saves you hassles because it means you will get the best performance from your system which should last for years and years because of the way it is looked after.


We also offer all plumbing services around the clock seven days a week. So if anything goes wrong at an inopportune time we'll be there to help out.


For the best information about pumps and irrigation in Western Sydney give Ty a call on M: 0409 999 129 or click here and send us an email and we will be in touch shortly.