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Blocked Drain?

Blocked DrainTy's Plumbing has been clearing blocked drains
in Western Sydney for over two decades.


Because owner Ty-Rone Dunning knows the area well, his vast experience in dealing with blocked drains in Western Sydney is second to none.


We have all the latest equipment to clear blocked drains in Western Sydney fast including:


• Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)

This allows us to look deep into the pipe so we can see what it is we are dealing with and so make an accurate diagnosis.


• Jet Blaster
This uses water at high pressure to clear pipes of sludge or obstructions - like paper or a small toy - that are causing the blockage.


• Electric Eel

This works like a drill and is used to grind away obstructions like tree roots.


• Vaporooter
This is used to stunt the growth of tree roots to ensure they won't affect the pipe in future.


We can also arrange for maintenance of your home or workplace to help prevent the problem happening in the first place. There are signs that drains may become a problem in the not too distant future and it's well worth getting us in to check things out before those blocked drains in your Western Sydney home or business bring everything to a halt. Like anything, prevention is often much more economical, as a serious blockage can damage pipes and that can lead to an unexpected expense.


Of course we handle the entire range of plumbing services from fixing shower and toilet leaks to large industrial and commercial projects so are happy to discuss any of your requirements with you.


Don't risk it with the ones who can't back their words with the highest quality of work and professionalism.


Call Ty - the blocked drains specialist for Western Sydney - on 0409 999 129.

If you would prefer to send an email click here to access our email form.